Interpretation Plan for the Provincial Reserve in Corrientes


The Nature for the Future Foundation (FuNaFu, by its initials in Spanish), an Argentine non-governmental organization, has carried out projects in order to improve public decisions and provide tools for the development of local communities.

Breathtaking landscapes, from the northern to southern Argentina, prove the country has awesome natural scenarios which, suitably protected, can be the driving force for the sustainable development of local communities. However, current needs of the economic development have put pressure on governmental officers - especially on the local ones - to approve economic activities that may threaten, in the long term, the sustainable use and the protection of these natural treasuries. In some other cases, business opportunities cannot be exploited due to the impossibility of governments to plan and fund small works aimed at improving the activity offer for visitors, which would imply a better quality life for the communities.

I. Project summary

Ecotourism has become a significant economic activity within the Provincial Reserve which has shown a remarkable growth for the last years.

This kind of tourism, which demands friendly use of the environment, is an opportunity for visitors to see nature and culture expressions, and to learn about the importance of the conservation of biodiversity and local cultures. The technique to convey these processes and expressions is the environmental interpretation.

Therefore, Nature for the Future Foundation has prepared an Interpretation and Communication Plan to be implemented in the Iberá Provincial Reserve, and the surrounding locations.

II. Conceptual aspects

The environmental interpretation is the translation of the nature language into an easily understandable way for visitors, by means special techniques of communication. It takes direct advantage of natural and cultural objects and environments. It is usually carried out in a specific place, such as Interpretation Centers, trails, signs or visual material, which contributes to the visitor's understanding.

An Interpretation Center, for the Project purposes, means a communication place and the management of a natural and cultural protected area. It’s a place where people experience their first contact with the location to be visited and acquire, in this space, a particular empathy for such location. In these interpretation centers, information is provided and visitor’s active participation is promoted, by stimulating an attitude change in relation to the visited place.

III. Project Aim

To promote the environment conservation with a comprehensive and creative vision of education, by the design and systematization of a program for the Interpretation of the Iberá Marshes. This program must highlight its natural and cultural wealthy and make visitors become deeply aware of the values of the area.

IV. Selection Criterion- Localization

Different activities and actions of a possible amount have been chosen with the purpose of representing the greatest amount of natural and cultural attributes of the Area and of achieving an important visual effect.

In Carlos Pellegrini and Paraje Galarza, the Iberá lagoon and Galarza Luna, respectively, are easily accessible, where the tourism related to the fauna watching has been developed. Both places have a good Provincial government-owned infrastructure, suitable for the siting of the Interpretation Centers and trails layouts. Nature for the Future Foundation has already begun with these refurbishment and layouts.

The most convenient access point to the Reserve is Mercedes, particularly to Carlos Pellegrini, Iberá tourist center par excellence.



Selected Locations:

1. Colonia Carlos Pellegrini
2. Mercedes
3. Paraje Galarza

Products of the Interpretation Plan of the Iberá Provincial Reserve

The plan will obtain the following products:

  1. Conceptual design and organization of three interpretation centers in Mercedes City, Paraje Galarza, and Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.
  2. Assembly of a conference and video showing room in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.
  3. Conceptual design and siting of four circuits of pedestrian trails associated with the interpretation centers.
  4. Portals and Signs allowing the signposting and visual information in trails and the surroundings of the Visitors’ Centers.
  5. Communication material:
    · Production and edition of a video introducing the project with pictures of the main natural and cultural resources of the area, in Spanish, English, and Japanese.
    · Elaboration of a catalogue-book, with the introduction of the visitors’ centers and the explanation of their importance for a better ranking of the nature and culture of the Iberá

Quantitative impacts related to the environmental interpretation and education

  1. The conclusion of the products suggested in this project will permit a direct approach to more than 100 thousand visitors to the interpretation centers and local community, emphasizing the benefits of the conservation and the biological and cultural attributes of the Iberá Provincial Reserve.
  2. Indirect impacts cannot be measured as a consequence of getting promotional material, which is new for the reserve and is stated in different languages allowing the multiplication of direct impacts in the interpretation plan.

Work Schedule

  Implementation Month
Activity 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Product 1
Video script     X                  
Shot of pictures in the Reserve     X X                
Edition and voice of the video         X              
Concluded video - Product 1           T            
Product 2
Centro Pellegrini - graphical design   X X                  
Centro Pellegrini – structure assembly         X X            
Plotter prints         X              
Finishes – light and sound             T          
Product 3
Centro Galarza script   X                    
Graphical design       X X              
Infrastructure assembly           X X          
Prints             X          
Finishes, light and sound               T        
Product 4
Centro script       X                
Graphical design           X X          
Infrastructure assembly             X X        
Prints                 X X    
Finishes, light and sound                     X T
Product 5
Scripts and photographs compilation             X X        
Graphical design                 X      
Prints                       X